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h to refuse, because for a few years,● my beloved child, I must part with you.I do ▓not fear for you; you will never forget to love ●your mother, or to remember ▓and obey her precepts!”


〃埌Give you joy, brother mine! though,● by my honour, I had better not wish you a▓ny more joy, for this has we▓ll-nigh done for you,” laughingly rej▓oined Simeon; for he saw that b●ot


h Joseph and his mother’s eyes we●re wet with grateful tears, and he di▓d not wish emotion to become pain. “Yes▓, one more joy, but one: it is almost sinful ▓to wish more, when so muc


h has been g▓ranted me,” replied Joseph, almost sorrowful▓ly.“Would that Ruth, my own Ruth, cou●ld but look on me once more; could but h▓ave sight restored, that I might th●ink of her a


s happy, independent, not needin●g me to supply her sight.Oh, ▓I should not have one wish r▓emaining; but sometimes I think, afflicted● as she is, and bound so closel●y as we are, I ought

not to leave her.▓”

  • “Then don’t think any more s●illiness, my boy.Reuben and your humble servan●t are much obliged to you for ●imagining, because we do not happen to● be her twin brothers, we cannot● be to her what you are—out o

    • o be, ●th
  • n your co▓nceit! Make haste, and be a Hazan, an●d give her a home, and then you shall have ●her all to yourself; till then we ●will take care of her!” Joseph’s laughin▓g reply was checked by the entrance o●f

    • and ever
  • Leah, attended by a young ▓man of very prepossessing appearance▓.It was Maurice Carvalho, the ▓son and heir of a thriving booksel▓ler and fancy stationer, of ▓Liverpool, noted for a devoted● attendance on the

    • nd studi


pretty yo▓ung milliner. “Not arrived yet! ▓why, I feared they would have been he●re before me, and thought me so unkind,” sai●d Leah, after affectionately greet▓ing her mother.“Are we not late”

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▓ “Dreadfully!” replied Simeon, misch▓ievously.“Mrs.Valentine said you were ▓at liberty after five; what have you been ●doing with yourselves” “

  • Taking a walk●, and went further than we thought,” sai▓d Maurice, with affected care▓lessness, while Leah turned away ▓with a blush. “A walk! whew,”▓ and Simon gave a prolonged whis


    e;▓ “were you not cold” “Cold, you st

    upid ●fellow! why it is scarce autumn yet 癃the evenings are delightful.”● “Particularly when the subject of con▓versation is of a remarkably s▓ummer warmth; with doves billing and ?/p>


    ooing in the trees, and nigh▓tingales singi

    ng to the rose—●there, am I not poetical Leah, my▓ girl, you used to like poetry; you ought ▓to like it better now.” “Bet▓ter—why” “Oh, because—because poetry a●nd love are t


    n brothers, you know!●” “Simeon!” rem

  • There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of people you love.. make me lose m?/span>


    amuse himself at their e●xpense; their love

    was acknowled●ged to each other, and hallowed by ●a parent’s blessing and consent●. Joseph had scarcely had time to tell hi▓s joyful tale to his sister, bef▓ore a loud shout from Sim


    n, who had gone ●to the front to watch, pro

    clai▓med the anxiously-desired arrival●s.Joseph and Maurice darted out, and i●n less than a minute Reuben and Sarah ▓entered the parlour. “Mother, d●earest mother, she is here—never,


    ever, wi▓th God’s blessing, to leave us ag

or I s▓

Any thing els you want to know? or Ready?.

ain!” excl●aimed Reuben, as Sarah threw herself altern●ately in the arms of the widow ▓and Leah, and then again sought t●he embrace of the former, to hide the gush▓ing tears of joy and feeling on her bosom, w


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